Flowering Rush Found on James, Sheyenne Rivers

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department needs assistance in identifying populations of flowering rush, an aquatic nuisance species, with separate findings by department staff on the James and Sheyenne rivers.

Ben Holen, ANS coordinator, said fisheries staff are actively looking for flowering rush and other ANS species during regular work activities. In addition to these efforts, fisheries management personnel dedicate time solely to ANS detection and surveillance on waters around the state.

Flowering rush can be identified by its umbel cluster of 25-50 pink flowers and can generally be found along shorelines of slow-moving water, but can also grow deeper than three meters under water in some areas of the country.

“We really want to catch these ANS introductions early, because it allows us to have a full assortment of management options, including eradication in some instances,” Holen said. “The more eyes we have on the landscape, the better.

“Under the right conditions, flowering rush can outcompete native vegetation, restrict lake access for shore anglers and impede boating,” he continued. “In canals and drainage ditches, flowering rush has significantly reduced water flow.”

To report a flowering rush sighting or any other ANS, visit https://gf.nd.gov/ans/report.

For more information about ANS in North Dakota, visit https://gf.nd.gov/ans