Lower Water Levels Require Caution at Ramps

The ongoing extreme drought will likely begin to impact boating access throughout the state. With that in mind, boat owners need to be aware of water levels and exercise patience and caution when launching and loading a boat.

Fisheries development supervisor Bob Frohlich said as water levels decline, the bottom of many ramps lack sufficient water to launch boats and/or cause the ramps to become exposed. In many cases, he said boat ramps have large prop-wash holes and steep drop-offs at the bottom, which can damage boat trailers and axles if backed off the end of the cement.

“Boaters should back their trailer in slowly and be aware of the end of the ramp on lakes with lower-than-normal water levels,” Frohlich said. “And it’s likely that some lakes could still lose another 1-2 feet of water this year given the extremely dry conditions.”