Andrew Dahlgren Named Wildlife, Boating Officer of the Year

Andrew Dahlgren, North Dakota Game and Fish Department district game warden stationed in Edgeley, is the state’s 2021 Wildlife Officer of the Year and Boating Officer of the Year.

Dahlgren was honored recently by Shikar-Safari Club International, a private conservation organization that annually recognizes outstanding wildlife officers in each state. In a nomination letter sent to Shikar-Safari, chief warden Scott Winkelman said Dahlgren’s district is one of the busier outdoor recreation use areas in southeastern North Dakota.

“Warden Dahlgren’s district includes numerous lakes and public use areas that provide hunting, fishing and boating opportunities. The varied opportunities attract a plethora of outdoor enthusiasts to the area,” Winkelman said. “He is an accomplished investigator who thoroughly follows up on complaints and reports of possible illegal activities within his district.”

While Dahlgren spends a considerable amount of time in summer patrolling waters within his own district, Winkelman said he is often found assisting other wardens with boat patrols and ramps checks on neighboring lakes and reservoirs.

“Warden Dahlgren is very skilled in the detection, apprehension and prosecution of boaters who are operating while under the influence of drugs or alcohol,” Winkelman said. “He has made numerous arrests for operating a vessel while intoxicated using techniques he has developed from his own patrol experiences. He serves the department and citizens of North Dakota in an outstanding manner.”