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Fur Harvester Classes Scheduled

The North Dakota Cooperative Fur Harvester Education Program is sponsoring two fur harvester education classes for anyone interested in trapping or hunting furbearers. Courses in Bismarck and Jamestown are set for Aug. 22, 24 and 26. Courses are free and take 16 hours to complete over a three-day period. Students will learn the history of […]

Aquatic Vegetation Deserves Attention

  Extensive vegetation growth along docks and boat ramps serves as a good reminder for anglers and boaters to follow aquatic nuisance species regulations.   North Dakota Game and Fish Department ANS coordinator Jessica Howell said the Department has received reports of increased vegetation in local waters.   “Aquatic plants can be the most abundant […]

Game and Fish at State Fair

    The North Dakota Game and Fish Department will host thousands of visitors to its free Conservation and Outdoors Skills Park July 21-29 at the State Fair in Minot. Visitors will be treated to an array of activities, exhibits and useful information as the park is open from 1-7 p.m. daily. Pathways to Hunting, […]

Conditions Right for Blue-Green Algae

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department advises outdoor enthusiasts to be cautious with their dogs around water this time of year, due to potential health hazards associated with blue-green algae. Wildlife veterinarian Dr. Dan Grove said it only takes a few hot days for blue-green algae to bloom. “We have experienced many days like […]

Record Number of Walleyes Stocked

North Dakota Game and Fish Department fisheries personnel are wrapping up a record-stocking of walleye fingerlings to more than 130 waters across the state. Jerry Weigel, fisheries production and development supervisor, said more than 12 million fingerlings were stocked, besting the previous high by more than 1 million fish. “Considering not many went into Lake […]

Spring Pheasant Count Down from Last Year

North Dakota’s spring pheasant population index is down 14 percent from last year, according to the State Game and Fish Department’s 2017 spring crowing count survey. R.J. Gross, upland game management biologist, said the number of roosters heard crowing this spring was down statewide, with decreases ranging from 6 to 10 percent in the primary […]