Report Feral Pig Sightings

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department reminds hunters who might come across feral swine this fall that hunting and trapping them is illegal.


Casey Anderson, assistant chief of wildlife for Game and Fish, said while it is uncommon to come across feral swine in North Dakota, it can happen.


“Feral swine have been documented a number of times in the state over the last decade,” Anderson said. “It is possible for a hunter to come across one, and it is important to know you can’t hunt or trap them. Instead, the State Board of Animal Health must be contacted immediately.”


A landowner may eliminate feral swine on his or her land if they pose an immediate threat, however it is preferable if all feral swine are removed by the state/federal feral swine task force so that samples can be collected for disease surveillance purposes. If a landowner must remove feral swine because of an immediate threat, the BOAH must be contacted within 24 hours, and the landowner should follow any instructions given by the board regarding the handling, preservation and disposal of the carcass.


Anyone who observes or suspects the presence of feral swine should call the BOAH at 701-328-2655, Game and Fish Department at 701-328-6300, or USDA Wildlife Services at 701-355-3300.


Feral pigs cause millions of dollars of damages to property, crops and wildlife habitat across the nation each year. They also can spread a number of diseases and parasites. It is very hard to eradicate feral pigs once they’ve become established in an area. Two separate bands were removed from North Dakota in 2007. Since then, there have been occasional reports of feral pigs in several areas of the state. While it is illegal to shoot or trap these pigs, if you happen to observe one when you’re out hunting, please report the sighting to one of the agencies below as soon as possible.


Note: Landowners may eliminate feral pigs on their land if the pigs pose an immediate threat to livestock or property. See https://www.nd.gov/ndda/animal-health/feral-swine for more information.


Report sightings to:

- State Board of Animal Health at 701-328-2655

- Game and Fish Department at 701-328-6300

- USDA Wildlife Services at 701-355-3300.

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