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have you read? The 2018 October  North Dakota Outdoors

have you read?

The 2018 October  North Dakota Outdoors magazine is available FREE online right now here.

You’ll find ND Game and Fish Director Terry Steinwand’s column Matters Of Opinion inside the cover

You’ve heard us here at the Game and Fish Department talk time and again about the importance of having quality wildlife habitat on the landscape.
Without adequate habitat on the landscape, for example, animals struggle to battle the harsh winter conditions that are often familiar in North Dakota. Without good habitat, animals take much longer to rebound after months of snow and cold.


Ron Wilson wrote:  Program Improves Deer Habitat

In 2015, following back-to-back deer gun seasons when fewer than 50,000 licenses were made available to hunters – something not seen in North Dakota in about 35 years – lawmakers made it possible for hunters to help improve wildlife habitat that would favor the state’s deer population.

In a bill that unanimously passed in both the House and Senate during the 2015 legislative season, unsuccessful applicants in North Dakota’s deer gun lottery could for the first time in 2016 donate their refunds to the Game and Fish Department’s Private Land Open To Sportsmen program.

Ron Wilson, Scott Gangl, Dave Fryda and Russ Kinzler collaborate to answer  Questions about Sakakawea’s Salmon Program  Chinook salmon were stocked in Lake Sakakawea in 1976, less than a decade after the reservoir filled, to inhabit the deep coldwater environment not used by other fish species. This nonnative species, like other fish in the Missouri River System, has ridden the ups and downs of low- and high-water years, times of abundant forage and times when prey was tougher to come by.

It hardly seems that back-to-back years are nearly the same. The same goes for fishing for salmon in the state’s biggest reservoir.

Have You Read? July North Dakota Outdoors Magazine

Have you read?

The 2016 July issue of North Dakota Outdoors magazine is available FREE online right now here.


Ron Wilson  has an in depth look at the population of moose in North Dakota with a story on Moose May Warrant Future Protection In late March, resident hunters applied for a record 202 moose licenses in North Dakota. In June, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that the subspecies of moose found in North Dakota and three other states could eventually warrant federal protection.Jeb Williams, North Dakota Game and Fish Department wildlife division chief, said news of possible federal protection of North Dakota’s moose population is puzzling to people, considering the state has a stable to increasing population.

You’ll also want to be sure to check out a feature on the North Dakota grasslands, Focus on Grasslands in a Prairie State

Tallgrass prairie once covered much of the central United States and Canada and occupied roughly the eastern one-fourth of North Dakota. It is estimated only 3 percent of it remains unplowed, and North Dakota”s remaining tallgrass prairie is found almost exclusively in the Red River Valley.

The North Dakota State High School Clay Target League held its season-ending event, the 2016 Clay Target League state tournament June 18 at The Shooting Park in Horace.

Shooting Clays at State  by Ron Wilson explores the growing popularity and interest of the North Dakota High School Sporting Clays.  In 2016, more than 400 student athletes representing 23 high schools competed in the spring season. The state tournament attracted more than 360 participants vying for team and individual honors. Additionally, more than 1,000 spectators attended the event.


Have You Seen? ANS and Zebra mussels

This weeks North Dakota Outdoors webcast is now available. The topics this week is aquatic nuisance species

Find out more about zebra mussels in the Red River and the new ANS rules in place in North Dakota in this week’s webcast with ANS coordinator Jessica Howell. Watch the video right here or click this link:  http://gf.nd.gov/publications/television/outdoors-online-webcast

More information on aquatic nuisance species is right here or at this link: http://gf.nd.gov/ans

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Weekly Webcast on ANS and zebra mussels