Earth Day, Every Day

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department has for years encouraged students to design Earth Day patches to bring greater awareness to the environment in the state and elsewhere.

Yet, like Earth Day, which began in 1970 and kicked-started the environmental movement, the concern for our outdoor places isn’t simply a once-a-year-thing, but ongoing.

Understanding this, the Game and Fish Department has initiated Earth Day, Every Day to promote continual awareness about the environment.

Groups that engage in environmental clean-up projects, landscaping, or other efforts that promote environmental awareness, will receive an Earth Day patch for all participants.

The patches are used to recognize groups that work to celebrate the Earth Day concept, and everyone is encouraged to participate in the Earth Day, Every Day awareness campaign. 

For more information about Earth Day, Every Day, or to request patches for your project, contact Sherry Niesar, Earth Day coordinator, at 701-527-3714 or